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What is Connection?

Connection is simple and natural. It starts with connecting with our breath and developing a quality of gentleness or delicateness, then allowing our whole body to become this same gentleness or delicateness. We then move from this quality, bringing the connection and quality into our movements.

The quality of our connection and our movements play an uncompromising role in the rehabilitation and re-building of a truly healthy, vital, fit and strong body. Without this connection and quality there is no true rehabilitation or re-building of the body, and instead only short-term changes, that do not not truly change, and need constant input to remain.

Without connection and quality there is an unquenchable thirst for more or better.

More fitness, more toned, better looking, better clothes or more money, better hair, more holidays, better partner and the perfect job. Nothing ever feels enough and we end up on a treadmill of trying to improve, climb the ladder and just get to that next point and then we will be ok. The truth is that there is no 'next point' that will satisfy us and make us feel better or more content, the treadmill just keeps running - until we press stop.

Once we stop and connect and develop a way of living from this connection we feel that this is all we have been looking for - a deeper a true connection with something grander than just the mundane ins and outs of life.

The fact that we have been looking for it, and missing it shows that being connected is not new or something that we have never done before. In fact, we are all born connected to a deeper place, a place of contentment and deep surrender, a stillness and preciousness like no other. Just watch any newborn baby and we can all feel and see the delicateness and tenderness in their breathing and movements and a connection to a purity and innocence. In fact, it is so easy to stare at a baby for hours in absolute awe, because deep down we know that we are the same and we crave a return to this.

We may not feel the same adoration or awe towards our self as we do a small baby or sweet child, because we've disconnected from this special place, our spark within and hidden it some where safe for nobody to find or see. The problem is we hid it so well not only have we forgotten how to find it, but sometimes we've totally forgotten it's there. The great news is that it's not hidden far and we can easily connect to it through choosing a quality of how we breath, surrendering to this quality in our body and the way we move.

When we connect to our natural way of breathing, and surrender in our body to a gentle and honouring way of moving, our whole life will change.

Living connected to our inner spark or inner essence, we will want to take greater care of ourselves, eat well, go to bed earlier and be more supportive, open and loving in our relationships. From here our lives begin to open up, and there is a continuous surrender to greater depths of love, care and honouring, beyond what we could've ever imagined.

Harmony In Movement works in a way where our services inspire you to re-connect to your inner-essence and your natural way of breathing, surrendering and moving in your body, to live the Greatest and Grandest You.

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