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Breathe and Move like a baby

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

All day and every day from the day we are born until the day we die we breathe and move. It makes sense to be truly healthy and well, we must breathe and move in a way that is truly healthy and well.

Have you ever sat and watched a new born baby sleep? Totally surrendered in its body, breathing so tenderly with such contentment and a deep stillness and wonderment, like looking into the stars on a clear night. It's easy to sit and stare for hours in absolute awe. Once the baby wakes, it's more of the same, watching and enjoying the tiny delicate movements and hearing the joyful sounds. Or, if you've ever held a new born baby you would've felt an absolute preciousness and fragility, and an inner instruction to be ever so careful in the way we hold and touch them, because it feels like we could so easily 'break' them.

“What is it about a newborn baby that makes us feel like this?”

Is it possible that in the moment that we connect to and feel the baby we are reminded that we were born exactly the same - the same tender breathing, surrendered, precious and fragile body and delicate and joyful movements? And connecting with the baby helps us re-connect to this beauty and wonderment within us, because it can never ever go, and only be disconnected to?

Harmony In Movement fitness programs and body work services work in a way where you are inspired to re-connect to the way we breathed, surrendered and moved when we were born, and the absolute tenderness and preciousness of this in our body. Breathing and moving connected to this quality is what builds a true harmony, health and vitality in our body. Read more on this in our other articles

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