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The information on this Site does not contain medical or health advice. No information presented on this Site offers any diagnosis, cure or information in relation to treatment of any disease or illness. If you have a disease or illness, or if you are experiencing persistent symptoms of any kind, you must see a registered medical practitioner. This Site in no way is a substitute for or alternative to conventional medical care.


The information available on this Site is general information only, does not take account of your particular personal situation, and does not purport to provide advice of any kind whatsoever. You must obtain independent professional advice before taking action or making a decision about anything based on information on this Site or a third-party site that is accessible through this Site. See the Terms and Conditions for this site.

The exercises and accompanying videos/audios on this website are given as possibilities only. They are not tailored to your, or anyone’s personal situation. They are not prescriptions for you. You should ascertain for yourself, with advice from a registered medical or other appropriate expert, as to whether these exercises are suitable for you and only perform them if medically advised they are safe for you. Danielle Pirera EP makes no promises or claims whatsoever as to the suitability, effect or safety of these exercises and is not liable for any injury or loss of any description, suffered by you or anyone else, howsoever sustained and whether now or in the future, as a direct or indirect result of participation in any of these exercises. Participation in any of these exercises is entirely at your personal discretion and your own risk. If you experience pain, discomfort or unusual tightness or shortness of breath during exercise, you should stop exercising immediately and seek medical advice.

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