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Exercise programs specific to your body and your movements to re-align and re-build

1. Re-Connect 

Exercises to re-connect to your body and develop a way of moving that truly supports your body.

2. Know Your Body

Movements to identify any imbalances in your body such as numbness, weakness or tension to feel exactly what you need to realign and rebuild.

3. Re-Align and Re-Activate

Exercises that support you to re-align and re-activate your muscles to develop a solid and stable foundation to re-build on.

4. Re-Build Flexibility

Stretching with gentle breath and body awareness to support your body to surrender and let go of tension and disharmony in your muscles and connective tissue.

5. Re-Build Cardio

Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises in-tune with your body to build a responsive and vital cardio-vascular system.

6. Re-Build Strength

Strength exercises with connection and quality in your movements to develop a strong body that is also a supple, vital and responsive. 

Image by Zac Durant

Fitness Training that connects you deeply in your body, to identify exactly what movements and exercises you need to be strong and responsive in every aspect of your life

"It is so enjoyable to exercise in a group where we all have the freedom to tune into our bodies and move in a way that suits how we feel."
Fiona, NSW. Australia

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Our Fitness Services are available globally online 

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